Paul George Explains Why He Said ‘No’ To The Lakers

One of the most surprising decisions of the free agency was that Paul George chose to continue in Oklahoma City Thunder without giving any opportunity to the Lakers. As he himself has admitted on several occasions, once decided that he wanted to leave Indiana his intention was to play with the Angelina franchise. However, that perspective changed in twelve months, just the time he spent with the Thunder. There, far from being disappointed by not going through the first round of playoffs, created a strong link to communicate his decision on July 1. Now, almost a month later, he explains why he didn’t even meet with Californians.

“The reason I didn’t meet is that free agency arrived and before it opened (July 1) I felt really good in the place where I was. I felt like I was in a good place in Oklahoma. Regarding wanting to return to Los Angeles, that was always true,” he admits to USA Today before delving into the reasons for his commitment.

“This year, playing with Oklahoma, I felt very good about the current situation as well as looking ahead in the future. I didn’t want to waste my time and have a meeting. I was good in this place and I decided to close it quickly to end the speculations and start building. They transferred me at the end of summer, so I didn’t have the opportunity to start from scratch. That’s why I wanted to leave everything tied as soon as possible and be able to start preparing the new season quickly. “

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