Ginobili Celebrates His 41st Birthday While The Spurs (And The World) Await His Decision

Happy, on vacation in Canada and with San Antonio pending his decision. This is how Manu Ginóbili, who celebrated his 41st anniversary on July 28, has decided, or at least not publicly announced, what to do with his sports career.


The Argentinian is in the position to hang up the boots or prolong one more season of his amazing sporting career, which in Europe includes a Euroleague with the Kinder Bologna and, internationally, with the national team of Argentina, an Olympic gold in Athens 2004, MVP included, a bronze later in Beijing 2008 or a silver in the World Cup in Indianapolis, among other lustrous achievements.

Ginobili still has a contract with the Spurs. Last summer he signed an agreement with two years and 5 million dollars. Now, he’s pending to charge 2.5 million dollars with a view to the 2018-19 season.

Those 2.5 million dollars are not more than a small amount that is added to the books of San Antonio, a franchise that has signed 118 million for their 2018-19 campaign, very close to the luxury tax, located at 123 million dollars. The Texans, if Ginobili decided to follow, would have 15 players with a standard contract in the template, the maximum allowed by the NBA to start the Regular Season.

San Antonio media consider its continuity to be a sure thing. This has been confirmed by San Antonio Express, one of the reference publications on the Texas franchise. For this medium, Ginóbili will announce in July that it will continue to be active for another year. We are July 30, so the decision, presumably affirmative, will have to occur in the next few hours.

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