VIDEO: LeBron Admits That He Really Considered Signing With The Rockets And 76ers In An Interview With Rachel Nichols

“I thought long and hard about the possibilities of playing with Ben (Simmons) and (Joel) Embiid or next to (James) Harden and Chris (Paul),” LeBron James confessed recently in an interview with Rachel Nichols ( ESPN) Yes, as all the information pointed out in his day, the Akron legend was close to joining 76ers or Rockets.

In the end, he ended up signing for four years with the Lakers taking the most uphill road of all, because the LA franchise hasn’t managed to get into the playoffs in the last five seasons.

LeBron, then, explores briefly (and what remains) the reasons that led him to sign for the Lakers, in addition to admitting that Rockets and 76ers were close to being their destinations for the coming season. The reign of The King in California has only just begun.

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