REPORTS: Tristan Thompson Allegedly Punched Draymond Green At An ESPYS After Party Earlier In The Month

That Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson are like water and oil is common knowledge in any branch of the NBA. They don’t like each other, the sensation is just hostile every time they see each other. Both players have had a few episodes facing each other in recent years (four NBA Finals); the result has been that their barriers have become thicker instead of lowered.

They’re both agitators, so they’ve mixed it up routinely over the years, including at the end of Game 1 of this year’s Finals. Thompson was ejected after fouling Shaun Livingston with only 2.6 seconds remaining in overtime, and Draymond celebrated his ejection in his face—then they exchanged shoves and words.

A final episode in the peculiar series of affections found could have been lived a couple of weeks ago in a Los Angeles location. According to journalist Jason McIntyre, Green and Thompson would’ve started a brawl in an LA nightclub.

But to explain the recent sting that Thompson is supposed to preach to Green (and vice versa) we rewind a few more weeks. Exactly at the end of the fourth game that gave the third ring in four years to Golden State Warriors (full-blown sweep). After the match and the series, the players of both teams fraternally gave themselves peace before of them going to the dressing rooms, and the other through a triumphal arch. Everything went according to the standards of sportsmanship but Green – and the cameras capture it – decides to ‘not shake hands‘ with Tristan Thompson in the post-game greetings. The continuous skirmishes between one and the other in the Finals brought the sports rancor to another level. Green, an expert on brawls of all kinds, had lit the flame for what happened most recently.

Well, weeks after that, it is assumed, and always according to the version of McIntyre, both players met each other in a nightclub in Los Angeles. Perhaps repentant of that unsportsmanlike maneuver, Green approached to apologize to Thompson and his circle. And then the discord came.

Cavaliers big man would have responded with a “Nah, man …”; but then Green would have tried to keep showing the white flag (“I didn’t mean …” he was saying) when suddenly, and always in a supposed manner, Thompson punched Green in the face.

Draymond responded to the attack without going to the ground and supposedly Lebron James and Kevin Durant interveined in order to stop the massive fight.

Thompson, 6’9″ and 238 pounds, and Green, 6’7″ and 230 pounds, are roughly the same size. Green is noted as one of the league’s best trash-talkers, and Thompson is one of the NBA’s most physical presences.

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