REPORTS: Nets And Knicks, Interested In Kyrie Irving If He Decides To Be A Free Agent In 2019

The future of Kyrie Irving is one of the most recurrent issues once all the fish is sold in free agency. The base of the Celtics subtracts a season under contract, governed by a player option worth 21.3 million dollars.

Although there is still much to know if he will decide to exercise this option or, on the contrary, he will decline it and become a restricted free agent, the truth is that the interest in knowing Irving’s plans is something that has never abandoned the wishes of other franchises that would be happy to bid on it.

That is just the case in which the Nets and the Knicks are. According to Marc Stein, of The New York Times, “right now there are credible rumors that the Nets, in the event that Irving became a free agent starting next July 1, could plan to go for him. Something that would also happen in the case of the Knicks.”

To think that any team could love Irving is an overwhelming logic; as also would be the hypothetical position of Nets and Knicks, making it clear to the player months before they are there waiting for him if he decides to change cities and project. In the case of Brooklyn, they could achieve sufficient salary space to undertake two maximum contracts, a fact that certainly can’t be ignored without further ado.

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