“The Guy You See Now Is The Real Durant. The Guy In OKC Was A Phony, Trying To Please Everybody.'”

◼️ “He just tried to please everyone and do what he thought people wanted him to do,” he said, supposedly, to Chris Broussard.

Within exactly a couple of days will be 25 months since the signing of Kevin Durant to the Warriors. An impeccable and irrefutable decision in sports: he has won the two rings in dispute since then being MVP in both finals. However, his move to Oakland has raised and still raises a few reproaches. Moreover, there is a change in the player’s attitude since then.

Both on the court, as well as out of it. Circumstance manifested in social networks. Last September he was accused of using fake accounts on Twitter with which he defended himself against the criticism received. And last week he starred with CJ McCollum a clash that has not gone well either.

“He’s a great guy who tries to be a bad boy, you can’t do that because that doesn’t work, he spends all his time trying to show people how hard and bad he is,” said Charles Barkley, former player and now controversial commentator of the TNT. An opinion that goes in line with that of the majority of habitual fans of the NBA: since it went to the Warriors, KD is trying to show a hard-guy image that doesn’t fool anyone.

However, this version could differ completely from reality. Durant himself explains: “The guy you see today is the real me. The boy from Oklahoma City was a phony, he just tried to please everyone and do what he thought people wanted him to do.” Supposedly, that is the content of a message that the Warriors player has sent to Chris Broussard, a FOX journalist.

During his speech, Broussard provides context to help really understand how the eave head works:


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