The Yankees Fell Against The Worst Team In The Major League

◼️ The New York Yankees lost at home against the Orioles 7-5 and the Red Sox lead in the dispute for first place in the Eastern Division of the American League was stretched.

It wasn’t the best Yankees presentation in the last games. And that they officiated as locals, with the support of their people, in the known terrain. However, nothing came out, starting with a delay in the start of the match due to the rain, by the bad performance of Sonny Gray, who barely threw three innings, and because of how well the worst team of the entire MLB played. The truth is that the Yankees fell 7-5 with the Orioles, away from the Red Sox (they are five and a half games) and now must face a tough series against Boston in Fenway Park.

Just in the upper part of the second episode, the visitors were already 4-0, going through the pads without much difficulty before a dormant defense that did not react until the third base coach, Phil Nevil, screamed in a scolding way that it was heard until the central garden.

That’s how the game went, with Baltimore hitting and the Yankees suffering. Already in the last inning, with the score 7-2, the Venezuelan Gleyber Torres took advantage of a loose pitch and sent it to the rostrum to help him discount the ninth of the Big Apple. His compatriot Renato Núñez also shone, on the other side, with two pushes and one scored as Breyvic Valera dragged another and ended the afternoon with a 4-1 in favor.

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