Trump On LeBron: “They Made Him Look Smart, Which Isn’t Easy”

◼️ According to several American journalists, Michael Jordan has responded to Trump’s words.

Donald Trump, president of the United States, has once again used his personal Twitter account to attack an African-American sportsman, but this time he has done it against one he had not done so before (and recently praised): LeBron James.

As a result of the opening of his solidarity school for the children of Akron, his city, James has given some interviews in which he continues defending that the president “divides” the society with his statements.

It didn’t take too long for the President to respond to this allegations, or maybe respond is not the right word because he literally just attacked Lebron instead of commenting on his statements:

Some players, such as Karl Towns, have already come out in his defense:

The management of his relationship with black athletes, who are very critical of their racial outbursts, has been one of the most controversial issues of Trump’s first two years at the helm of the US presidency.

After these words, and according to Shams Charania points, as well as other journalists in the United States, the owner of the Hornets and the legend of the NBA, Michael Jordan, would have answered these words through a spokesperson: “I support LJ. He is doing an incredible job for his community. “

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