John Wall Defends DeMar DeRozan: “The Raptors Didn’t Show Him Any Loyalty”

◼️ The base of the Washington Wizards doesn’t believe that the Raptors behaved well with his friend when transferring him after what he did for the team.

The departure of DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors, which occurred through the transfer to the San Antonio Spurs by Kawhi Leonard (among other players) has created much controversy in the NBA. Compton’s guard has always shown his commitment to the Canadian franchise and even gave part of his salary signing for less than the maximum for the good of the team. However, in the Raptors’ offices, they haven’t hesitated to include him in a trade without any scruples. A situation that has caused the anger of the player as well as many of his teammates of the League that came out in his defense. The most recent being John Wall, base of the Washington Wizards.

“I do not think you showed loyalty to DeRozan. I understand that this is a business, but if you talk to me face to face at least be honest. We are all adult men,” John Wall explained at the NBC Sports microphones.

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