The Mets Won The New York Classic

◼️ Terry Collins outscored the Yankees 8-5 after a great night by Jacob deGrom.

It was a perfect night, against the usual rival, in a stadium almost bursting, with an impeccable work on defense, taking into account the possibilities, and lethal to the offensive. The Mets won the New York classic when they beat the Yankees 8-5 by proposing their 44th loss so far this season in MLB.

The victim of the night: Luis Severino, who didn’t have one of his best matches and suffered the power of the Mets on offense. Bad result for the Yankees that seems like they get close to the Red Sox in one day and the next they move away in the dispute for the first place in the Eastern Division of the American League (they are already 10 games apart).

Other Results:

Blue Jays 1-3 Royals

Diamondbacks 3-5 Rangers

Nationals 6-7 Cardinals

Marlins 1-6 Braves

Indians 10-3 Reds

White Sox 5-9 Tigers

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