Lance Stephenson (Finally) Explains The Famous Ear Blow To LeBron James

We go back to 2014, more accurately to the fifth game of the Eastern Conference finals played by the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers. Indianapolis, against the ropes, were busy to bend LeBron James; so much so that Lance Stephenson, the person in charge of defending him, gave us the famous blow on the neck and ear of The King. Nothing else happened. LeBron smiled and continued playing.

The blow, curious without a doubt, has been remembered in recent dates. The reason is well known. LeBron and Stephenson will be teammates during the 2018-19 season at the Los Angeles Lakers. With that background scenario, the then Indianapolis player has been asked about why he did it. Here is your answer:

“I was really trying to get him mad, really trying to win the game, get him unfocused,” Stephenson described in the interview. “And I was trying anything, and for you to do something to somebody and they don’t respond, they keep continuing playing hard, it’s like: ‘yo, how do I…’ I was just trying to find stuff.”

“LeBron was such a good player, you know, I was trying to do anything to get him frustrated,”he added. “It’s going to be different, being friends with LeBron, you know what I mean?”

He says in an interview with The Score. In less than two months we will see how they work together defending the same colors on the court.

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