Aaron Hernandez’ Lawyer Reveals That The Player Confessed To Him That He Was Gay Days Before Committing Suicide In Prison

The reasons that led to the former football player Aaron Hernandez committing suicide in April of last year, while in prison, caused all kinds of speculation that even touched the sexual orientation of the former NFL star. And now his lawyer, José Báez, has just released a book called “Unnecessary Rudeness,” in which he reveals several details of the former player’s life, including that he was gay, and he wanted to confess, but he was very afraid of the way in which their loved ones would take it.

Hernandez’s defense says in his book that he had a conversation with the 27-year-old about the prosecutors’ intention to question his fiancée and the mother of his daughter, Shayanna Jenkins, in the murder trial that followed him. The plan was to question her about two alleged romances that Aaron would have had with a woman and a man, something she didn’t know.

The lawyer mentioned that in the middle of tears, the player confessed to him that he was gay and that he had been the lover of a friend in common of his sentimental partner, and said that it was full of guilt to talk about that issue with his fiancée.

Baez added that he’s not sure if Aaron was totally gay or bisexual and warned that although he will not make public the identity of the man in question, because it is not his business to get someone out of the closet, he did reveal it to the ex-player’s wife.

“She is not perfect, nobody is, but her compassion is an inspiration. His love for him (Aaron) is something I will never forget,” the lawyer concluded.

After Aaron’s suicide, it was also rumored that in the prison he allegedly maintained a romance with another inmate, identified as Kyle Kennedy, addicted to heroin, but nothing has been proven yet.

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