Khalil Mack Becomes The Highest Paid Defender In The NFL

◼️ Within hours of being traded to the Bears, the defensive end has reached a multi-year agreement with Chicago that makes him the NFL’s highest-income defensive player.

Any NFL fan would think that doing a trade with the name of Khalil Mack included would be crazy. And against all odds, this Saturday the Raiders have done it in exchange for the first round picks of the 2019 and 2020 Drafts.

Shortly after being sent to the ‘City of Winds’, the Buffalo graduate has signed a six-year contract worth 141 million dollars and 90 million insured. That makes him the highest-paid defensive player in the league with 23.5 million a year, a million more than Aaron Donald, who signed an extension with the Rams recently.

In addition to receiving Mack in the trade with the Raiders, the Bears have received a second round of the Draft 2020 and a provisional pick of the fifth round for the same year.

The 27-year-old has the second-best sack average in the NFL ─36.5 sacks─ in the past three years, behind only Cardinals defensive end Chandler Jones.

The addition of Khalil Mack to the defense of the new coach’s team, Matt Nagy, will help boost a defense that finished 23 last season. Additionally, it will help them perform even better by pushing the quarterback, where they finished as the seventh best team in the league.

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