Magic Tablets? What Was Novak Djokovic Taking At The US Open?

John Millman, the executioner who defeated Roger Federer in the last round of the US Open, was a simple step for the Serbian Novak Djokovic, who stopped the promising trajectory of the 29 year old Australian, capable a couple of days ago, of stopping the legendary number two in the world.

It turns out that in the middle of the game, the Serbian was seen ingesting medication. When asked by a journalist at a conference about what medicine was about, the tennis player said that “it was a misunderstanding”. “Were there salt tablets?” Insisted the reporter. “No, I can not talk about it,” Djokovic said.

The truth is that the intense heat wave in the United States has not left anyone indifferent. Temperatures exceed 40 °C and humidity has been a real problem for tennis players.

This is why Millman asked the Serbian to change clothes in the second set due to the inconvenience caused by perspiration, which was granted without any problems.

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