Tennis Umpires Consider Boycott Of Serena Williams’ Matches Following U.S. Open Outburst

I will assume that you are already aware of everything that happened with Serena Williams in the women’s final of the US Open 2018 on Saturday September 8th. If you’re not, take a few minutes to read this article before continuing: 2018 US Open Highlights: Serena Williams’ Meltdown Overshadows Naomi Osaka’s Final Win.

After what happened, Serena left the court without shaking hands with Mr. Ramos and proceeded to give a press conference in which she reiterated her thoughts on the game and what she thought was an unfair treatment by the umpire of the commitment.

The American made it clear that she will always defend her ideals and that she doesn’t feel that she has acted inappropriately. However, it’s clear that not everyone is in agreement with the tennis legend, including many of Mr. Carlos Ramos’ colleagues.

According to information shared by The Times, the group of seat judges is seriously considering not re-officiating in a Williams match. According to the investigation, there is great discomfort in the group due to the support received by the winner of 23 Grand Slam tournaments by the WTA and the Tennis Association in the United States. The International Tennis Federation was the only one to agree with the decisions of the Portuguese umpire.

A chairman, whose identity is kept secret, told The Times that “Ramos was thrown to the lions simply for doing his job” also opining that it is very difficult for all judges to maintain this measure against the successful athlete.

Carlos Ramos: “There is no arbitration on demand”. That is part of what the Portuguese said, who was called a “thief” by Serena during the game, when asked about what happened. The Portuguese newspaper Expresso has published a note by Miguel Seabra, journalist and great friend of Ramos, in which the lawyer says that the Portuguese has received hundreds of messages of support not only from friends and family, but even some professional tennis players.

“I’m fine, considering everything. It’s annoying, but arbitration on demand doesn’t exist. Don’t worry about me” commented Ramos to his friend.

Beyond hiding, it has been confirmed that Carlos Ramos will be the referee this weekend in the semi-finals of the Davis Cup between Croatia and the United States to be played in Zadar. Naturally, the Portuguese is expected to receive a treatment … not very warm, to say the least.

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