The Boston Celtics Earn Win No. 1 Of The Year Against The 76ers

◼️ Boston won 105-87 over Philadelphia at TD Garden. Jason Tatum was the man of the match, with 23 points and 9 rebounds in 29 minutes.

Although it’s incredibly early, in the first game of the NBA season, this Tuesday’s victory by the Boston Celtics over the Philadelphia 76ers by 105-87 catapults those of Brad Stevens as the great candidate to win the Eastern Conference.

Jason Tatum was featured in the TD Garden, with 23 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists in 29 minutes. In addition, the Celtics had the comebacks of Kyrie Irving (7 points and 7 assists in 29 ‘) and Gordon Hayward (10 points and 5 rebounds in 24’).


The power of Boston is also reflected in having one of the best seats in the league, with Marcus Smart, Marcus Morris, Aron Baynes, and Terry Rozier jumping several minutes into the court and producing the difference.

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