The New England Patriots Identify And Ban The Fan Who Threw Beer At Tyreek Hill

◼️ Without his name being broadcast, the New England Patriots announced the identification and consequences for the fan who assaulted the Kansas City player.

The beer he threw to receiver Kansas City Chiefs Tyreek Hill would have been the last play of the New England Patriots fan who didn’t contain his fury after the rival player scored a touchdown on Sunday.


Foxborough franchise identified the fan in the front row of Gillette Stadium threw his glass at number 10 of the Kansas City Chiefs, so not only was he banned but will face two charges before the authorities.

Hill celebrated the TD that put the Kansas City Chiefs tied 40-40 in front of several fans, among which emerged the aggressor, whose name was not revealed. In the end, the Pats won 43-40 and took the undefeated away from the Chiefs in Week 6 of the NFL.

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