The Lakers Find Their Game And Break The Undefeated Denver Streak

◼️ The Denver Nuggets lost its unbeaten record after falling to a Lakers who won their first home win of the season.

The final score 121-114 doesn’t reflect the true nature of what really happened in tonight’s game, where no team came to dominate by more than 8 points. It was in a vibrant finale, released by Lance Stephenson, culminated by Kyle Kuzma and led by a masterful LeBron James, in which the Lakers took their best win of the year. All being unfolded in front of a special visitor, Kobe Bryant, who showed up for the first time this season at Staples Center.

The game was presented with a duel of contrasts, at least basic statistics in hand. The Lakers were the second league-scoring team. Denver, the second least received. And they were the ones who were starting to show their great defensive improvement in the current season, freezing the desire to generate their opponent’s game first. Complicating the Angeleno attack from the perimeter, they canceled out Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart, leaving LeBron James as the only player capable of harming Denver.

LeBron James has scored 129 points in five games with the Lakers. Only three players scored more points through their first five games with the Lakers: George Mikan (147), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (137), and Shaquille O’Neal (131).


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