Klay Thompson Made 14 3-Pointers Passing Stephen Curry For The Most In A Game In NBA History

◼️ The Golden State Warriors player scored 14 3-pters and set the new record in less than three quarters.

Klay Thompson had a brutal night and made 14 threes to set a new record in the NBA. In addition, the Golden State Warriors scored 92 points during the first half of the game against the Chicago Bulls to beat them 149-124.

Klay scored 52 points, 36 in the first half, the same in which he hit 71.4 percent from the line of three. The Warriors scored 17 of 27 threes and Klay Thompson exceeded Chandler Parsons’ record with 10 3-pters during the first half.

Thompson took away from Stephen Curry the record he had of three-pointers scored during a game with 14, and he also had his fourth game with 50 points or more.


The Phoenix Suns are the franchise that most units put in a half with 107, when they played against the Denver Nuggets on November 10, 1990. Warriors scored 31 of 50 field goals, including 17 of 23 from three.

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