Lakers Win & LeBron James Drops 32 Points In His Return To Cleveland

◼️ Cavaliers fans give returning LeBron James a standing ovation, Lakers win 109-105.

Just as he had done so many other times throughout the course of his remarkable career, LeBron James lifted his team on his burly shoulders and carried them to victory. Only that this time it wasn’t for the Ohio franchise.

The King, who in 2016 delivered his first and only NBA title to the Cavs of his native Ohio, was received with ovations, applause, and signs that thanked him for that historic moment and many unforgettable nights.

Even, LeBron was honored in a tribute video that was screened on the arena during a timeout in the first quarter with his best plays and some of the actions he has done for the Ohio community.


In regards to the game today, James finished as the best scorer of the Los Angeles Lakers with 32 points, plus 14 rebounds and 7 assists.

The Lakers are 10-7 and seventh in the Western Conference, while Cleveland misses the king standing with a 2-14 record in last place of the Eastern Conference.

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