Magic is one of the most fascinating hobbies to pick up, especially in this day and age where everything seems to have a scientific explanation.  Whether you’re considering picking up magic as a hobby or you’re interested in taking your family to a show: these are the top five reasons people love close-up magic.

The Chance to Be Stunned and Surprised

Surprise and laughter go hand in hand, both bringing joy in the right situation.  Because of this, it’s an awesome idea to visit a close-up magic show to enjoy the surprise of a great trick!  Professionals like Adam Wylie understand how to wow a crowd and give you performance the likes of which you’ve never seen before.  

The Inspiration to Learn Tricks Themselves

Some love magic shows and performances because they’ve always felt a little inspired to try magic themselves.  Getting to see someone else so skilled at their craft might push you to want to take it up yourself.  Not only because of the crowd’s reaction to it but also because of the amazing amount of patience, skill, and practice it takes to pull off a trick and make it realistic.

It’s Not a Common Form of Entertainment

There aren’t tons of magic shows that people get to go to every single day.  Instead, they’re less common than most other forms of entertainment like movies, plays, and concerts.  Although this is unfortunate for magicians who want to be able to perform more often, the scarcity adds value to their performances and makes it so that far more people want to get in when shows are available.  Seeing magic up close and personal makes it harder for performers to hide what they’re doing, especially in front of huge crowds, which gets everyone a little more excited.

The Hope They’ll Be Able to Catch the Trick.

Many love close-up magic because they want to feel clever enough to notice why or how the magic happened.  Although you should avoid telling anyone out loud at the performance or interrupting the magician at any point: many love the fun of trying to figure out how a magician completes each of their tricks.  These professionals try for years to perfect their trade, so being able to catch the things that make it possible is a fun skill to have.

The Chance to Have Fun With Loved Ones

Close-up magic is best when enjoyed with someone you care about!  Getting to feel like you’re not the only one being amazed why what you’re seeing keeps you from feeling foolish and helps you bond with whomever you’re at the performance with.  Beyond this, it’s incredibly fun to watch people feel mystified and amazed, even if you do figure out how the magician pulled off their trick!

Magic Is Fun for Everyone to Enjoy

There’s nothing quite like magic to make a group get together.  The ability to enjoy feeling inspired by other people, and getting to see the many different ways that magic can be used, are enough to make any magic show amazing.

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