Hatton Garden in London is a commercial zone that is named after Christopher Hatton. It is famous as a jewellery quarter and a focal point of the diamond trade. It came up in the 19th century from the nearby ancient centre in Clerkenwell. Today there are 300 diamond businesses and around 55 shops that sell jewellery. One may find budget-friendly diamond jewellery and rings here simply due to multiple options by multiple retailers. You can find irresistible gorgeous wedding rings at unbelievable prices and here are five kinds that may interest you.

Twisted diamond ring

The twisted diamond ring is a simple and elegant design for the modern bride. The top part of the ring has two metal bands that are twisted together and some tiny diamonds are added. The brilliant cut diamonds make the ring a pretty piece for weddings. This will go well with an engagement ring too, one that has a large rock on it. 

Micropave diamond ring

A micropave is a setting that has small diamonds set in the ring shank. These tiny stones are held in place with minute beads or prongs creating an appearance of a continuous sparkling line. This is a grain set diamond ring that adds a lot of dazzle. This ring is comfortable and again can complement an engagement ring. 

U-prong diamond ring

The u-prong setting is a variation of the four-prong setting in rings. The base of the prong looks like a U, deriving the name. The prongs hold diamonds in place. This ring can be within budget if we use small diamonds along the top which will create the desired sparkle and pizzaz. Wedding Rings Hatton Garden can be made with this setting too.

Solitaire diamond ring

A solitaire diamond ring is a classic choice for a wedding ring. It can be elegant and depending on the stone and metal used, can come at a reasonable price. Solitaire has a single diamond and it is the centrepiece on a ring. However, diamonds can be priced reasonably too for various reasons.

Simple diamond eternity band

Eternity bands or infinity rings have symbolic meanings. It shows a never-ending commitment and everlasting love. In this setting, a continuous line of diamonds is set on a circular plain band. Designers use this basic setting and work on it further to create patterns and shapes that are unique.

Other designs such as Hidden Halo Engagement Rings UK are also quite popular and one can easily find them in Hatton Garden. There are so many craftsmen and retailers in the diamond centre that they will definitely offer buyers the best designs at the best price. Many couples that are planning an engagement or a wedding head to Hatton Garden to take a look at what is available and trending in terms of rings. Even if you are not buying right away, you can peruse the collections and catalogues to understand your style and choice. If you don’t find what you are looking for, then you can also place a custom order with the retailers. 

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