Eric Abidal started his career in 2003 with Algerian gymnast Hayet Kebir. The rift in the couple’s long-term marriage has been known for so long. According to the media, Hayet Abidal wants to pull the veil of marital relationship with the former Barcelona defender.

Hayet also issued a press release in this regard today. Hayet has accused Abidal of having an extramarital affair with PSG women’s footballer Kheira Hamrawi. On November 4, Hamrawi was seriously injured in an attack by miscreants.

Hayet confirmed that “Abidal has confessed to having an adulterous relationship with Hamrawi.” A copy of his official statement has been received by the news agency AFP. When Hamrawi was playing for Barcelona, ​​Abidal was the club’s sports director. Abidal was sacked last year after getting this responsibility in 2016. During this time the two became involved.

Abidal had phone contact with Hamrawi after he came out of the police investigation after being attacked. Hayet said Abidal confessed to having an extramarital affair with him after the information came out. Abidal played six seasons at Barcelona from 2006 to 2013. He has won La Liga four times as well as the Champions League three times.

Abidal returned to his former side to take over as Director of Football in June 2018, at which time Hamraoui was playing for Barca’s women’s team.

It seems this is when they would have first got close, before Abidal was sacked in August 2020 and Hamraoui left this summer.

Eric Abidal will soon appear as a witness in the investigations into the attack on Paris Saint-Germain player Kheira Hamraoui on November 4, which was linked to her teammate, Aminata Diallo, although a possible extramarital affair is considered the main premise of the assault motives.

And according to what was reported by the French newspapers (Le Monde) and (Le Parisien), the prosecutor of Versailles, Marivon Caillebotte, confirmed that Abidal would be questioned “soon” and did not rule out summoning the former player’s wife.
Hamrawi had earlier been attacked by miscreants outside his home. He was killed with an iron rod. According to the investigation, one of the assailants was saying during the beating, “Are you staying with someone who is married?”

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