But is this the first time since 1958 that Australia is going to get a fast bowler as the captain of the Test team? Tim Payne’s scandal just before the Ashes series hints at something like that. Cricket Australia is considering a number of people as Test captains. Former captain Steve Smith is also in the running, but Pat Cummins is running ahead.

Australian legends Dennis Lilly and Steve Waugh have recognized Cummins as worthy captains. Now he is waiting for the announcement of Cricket Australia. However, it seems that if all goes well, Cummins is going to lead Australia in the Ashes. However, it is possible that Cummins will soon be taking over the leadership of the Australian cricket team’s Test squad.

Cummins is set to become Australia’s 47th Test captain. This is the first time since 1958 that a fast bowler has been named captain of a Test team by Australia. Ray Lindwall led Australia in the Test against India in Mumbai 65 years ago. He led Australia in a single Test. After that, the responsibility of the Test team did not fall on the shoulders of any other fast bowler.

Then how many fast bowlers came to Australia team! Dennis Lilly, Jeff Thomson, Craig McDermott, Bruce Reed, Glenn McGrath, Brett Lee, Marv Hughes – many more names can be named after Lindwall, but why they never took the captaincy of the Australian Test team. If the responsibility falls to Pat Cummins after the Tim Payne scandal, it will be a big event. It’s a different matter.

If Cummins is given the captaincy, he will have to shoulder the burden of leadership while unprepared. Cummins’ experience as captain of New South Wales in Australia’s domestic ODI Cup earlier this year. However, if he becomes the captain, his name will rise in another record. He will be the first fast bowler to be given the permanent captaincy of the Australian Test team.

That ball-distortion scandal in the 2016 Cape Town Test against South Africa forced Steve Smith to step down as Test captain. Soon after, Payne became the captain of the Australian Test team. During his three-and-a-half years as captain, Mitchell Marsh, Josh Hazlewood and Travis Headra have co-captained at various times. Cummins has also served as co-captain.

Former Australian fast bowler Dennis Lilly, however, spoke positively about Pat Cummins’ captaincy before Tim Payne’s text message scandal. He believes Cummins, who has been a star for eight years, is totally credible for the job, ‘Cummins is an intelligent cricketer. But bigger than that, he has a very good knowledge of cricket. He is a leader by birth. ‘

What Cummins likes about Lily is her dedication, ‘she always plays on the field with 110 percent of her capacity. Whether the wicket is suitable for fast bowling or not, he gives himself up. ‘

It is a great thing for Lily to captain fast bowlers. Many countries in history have benefited from the responsibility in the hands of fast bowlers. “Fast bowlers have captained Test teams in many countries before,” said Lily, adding that Australia would also benefit. The most notable of these were Imran Khan and Bob Willis Imran Khan’s batting was also worth mentioning. Both have proved in modern cricket that fast bowlers can do well as Test captains. ‘

Lily did not name a few more. Along with Imran Khan, Bob Willis, Kapil Dev, Wasim Akram, Shaun Polkara have also led their country in Tests and done great. Until recently, Jason Holder led the West Indies Test team.

Like Lily, Steve Waugh thinks Cummins is worthy. He also said that when Payne relinquished his captaincy, Cummins would be the new captain. Because, other players on the team have a different respect for Cummins, ‘I think Cummins is ready enough. He has qualifications as a captain. The players of the team also respect him. I think he should be the captain. ‘

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