The Awami League is in a tough position against those who are against party discipline. The party chief and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed the central leaders to show zero tolerance against them. In the ongoing Union Parishad elections, no more concessions will be given to the rebel candidates of the party who have been selected against the candidates nominated by the party. It was announced time and time again that no one who won or lost the election against the party candidate would get any favor from the party later. But nothing is going to stop the rebels. Because those who are running against the party candidates also have the support of the senior leaders. According to party sources, instructions have been given to find out who is supporting the rebel candidates.

Jahangir, who rose through student politics, gradually became an influential leader in Gazipur. The central leaders were also blessed behind his rise. Jahangir Alam, who became the mayor of the country’s largest city corporation at the youngest age, had a long-running psychological battle with the local Awami League leaders. Which has come to light at various times. Local leaders and activists complained that Jahangir Alam did not give much importance to the ministers and MPs of the district. With the blessings of the central leaders, he thought he could go north if there was any problem. For this reason, Jahangir used to conduct politics in his own style by creating his own circle. By expelling him, the party high command has given the message that no one is bigger than the party. No one in the team is essential. Action will be taken against anyone who breaks the discipline. There is no chance of committing a crime with the blessings of a central leader.

According to party sources, two issues came to the fore before Jahangir Alam was expelled. It is said that he is now an important leader in Gazipur. He has many followers. If he is expelled, it could affect the team. On the other hand, another argument of the party leaders was that such a statement about the father of the nation, the source of party inspiration, could not come from the mouth of any party member. Having said that, in the future, someone else may show such a challenge. With this in mind, the team has taken the final decision.

Jahangir Alam is still the mayor of Gazipur City Corporation. Discussions are underway on whether he will be able to remain in the post after being expelled from the party. It is called the party symbol. He was elected mayor. He is not one of the team now. So he has no chance to be the mayor. The local government ministry can take action considering the legal aspects. It remains to be seen what will happen to Jahangir Alam when he loses the mayoral post in Gazipur.

There may be many more consequences like Jahangir Alam in the future. Strict measures are also being taken against the rebels in the ongoing Union Parishad elections. According to party sources, no concessions will be made this time around. Because the party is in power, many people feel very powerful with various benefits. The MPs of an area are trying to run the party as their own by forming their own circle outside the party forum. This has created separate zones and groups in the districts. One side of this circle or group thinks the other side is the opponent.
Besides, many are trying to get party nomination by any means as the party symbol has been selected. They are trying to win nominations with the blessings of the responsible leader, district leader or local MP. Even before the announcement of the schedule from the Election Commission, potential candidates are flocking to Dhaka.

They are lobbying the central leaders. Going from one department to another to get nomination. Multiple organizational secretaries in charge said they were under intense pressure to field party candidates in the union council. Candidates as well as local leaders, MPs are lobbying on behalf of the candidates. After the finalization of the candidates in the field level report and party evaluation, many of the excluded candidates are contesting against the party candidates again. The incidents of violence and clashes in the election are also increasing. If strict action is not taken now, such incidents will increase. So the team has taken a strict position in this regard.

Earlier, party action was taken against Dhaka Metropolitan Juba League leader Ismail Chowdhury Samrat and many others in the casino case. The central leaders of Juba League have to lose their responsibilities. At that time, there was a demand to take action by identifying the hybrids and beneficiaries who came to the team. Later, however, the whole politics came to a standstill due to the Corona situation. Party leaders say national elections are coming up. In this situation, one of the goals of the party is to organize the party and prepare for the election by evaluating the tested leaders and workers.

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