The BNP is trying to create instability in the country in the name of movement with various excuses and apolitical issues, said Agriculture Minister and Awami League presidium member Md. Abdur Razzak. He said, there is no soil under the feet of BNP. They want to come to power by agitating, using religion, taking religious fanatics with them. They have to remember, if they want to come to power, they have to go to the people, they have to win the hearts of the people.

Today, Saturday morning at the premises of the Dhaka Medical College. He said this while addressing a discussion meeting on the occasion of Reunion Day. Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) Martyr Dr. Shamsul Alam Khan organized the event on the occasion of the 31st martyrdom anniversary of Milon.

Md. Abdur Razzak said that a democratic government elected by the people is in power in the country. Those who do not believe in democracy, who want to come to power undemocratically and using religion in a secret way, are conspiring against this democratic government. They are trying to eradicate democracy and send it into exile.

Referring to the fanatics as a threat to democracy, Abdur Razzak further said that looking at the history, it is seen that the people of this country have had to repeatedly protest and donate blood for the establishment of democracy. Democracy has been repeatedly attacked during the Pakistan period. It is unfortunate that in independent Bangladesh in 1990, the martyrdom of Dr. dictatorship and the establishment of democracy. Milon, Shaheed Nur Hossain and many others had to give their lives. Democracy has been established in the country after a long struggle. We must all be vocal in defending this democracy. We have to be vigilant so that the bigoted and anti-independence forces never come to power again.

BMA President Mostafa Jalal Mohiuddin presided over the function. Titu Mia spoke. Notification

The party’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir explained why BNP chairperson and former prime minister Khaleda Zia should be taken abroad for better treatment. He said, “We should all know why we are talking about treatment outside the country’s leader Khaleda Zia. The disease of the country’s leader is mainly due to the digestive system. The best doctors in our country have been working for a few days to find out where his bleeding is taking place. But they can’t move forward after coming to a place.

Today, Saturday at the Dhaka Reporters Unity auditorium. Mirza Fakhrul Islam said this at a discussion meeting organized by Daksu and All Party Student Unity in the 90’s on the occasion of Reunion Day.

The BNP secretary general said, “There is no such technology in the country, with which the doctors can reach there.” That is why the doctors have repeatedly said that the country’s leader needs to be taken to an advanced center. Where there are these devices, there is technology, there is machinery. Wherever they go, they will be able to catch the exact disease. The country’s leader is very ill. Now his life is in danger. It is necessary to stop the bleeding from there. ‘

Mentioning that many Awami League leaders and ministers have said a lot about Khaleda Zia’s physical condition, Mirza Fakhrul said that they do not hesitate to make fun of them, they are so inhuman.

Martyr Dr. Referring to the meeting, the BNP secretary general said, ‘Dr. Milon was an active political activist. He has lived in us through his work, through his struggle, year after year, age after age. His death marked the beginning of a spark of change. It was this spark that woke up the whole of Bangladesh. Dr. The dictatorial Ershad government fell just a few days after Milon’s death.

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