Let’s say you want to design a PC with a Ryzen 9 5900x processor for the highest speed and the ability to handle heavy-duty activities. In such scenario, the best RAM with a high memory speed and frequency that may likely perform well with your CPU is required. RAM is shared with other computer components in order for them to communicate with one another, which is why faster RAM speeds up your CPU. We have put up a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best RAM for your Ryzen 7 800x. furthermore, there are a lot of different kinds of websites from where you can check out the best ryzen 7 800x ram recommendations. Nevertheless, here is the buying guide for ryzen 7 800x.


The compatibility of RAM with the other components of the system is the total of all the criteria. If you have the finest memory RAM but your motherboard as well as other aspects are not compatible, it might be worse than having the best memory. When it comes to choosing RAM for your computer, extreme caution is required. Due to RAM incompatibility, you will have to control your device at low speeds most of the time, and it will not enable you to boot at the manufacturer’s promised speeds.


Any RAM’s cooling capability is critical. Rendering, high-end games, and video editing generate a lot of heat, which has a negative impact on the RAM. As a result, the cooling system is just as important as the RAM in terms of performance. The RGB RAMs’ thermal efficiency is improved by the aluminium heatsink, which lowers the failure rate.


The reaction time of a RAM is known as its latency. Because high-frequency RAM has low latency and low-frequency RAM has high latency, we must pick a RAM that provides both high frequency and low latency. Most 3200 MHz RAMs have a CL16 latency, whereas high-end RAMs have CL14 or CL15 latency. Furthermore, you may change the RAM latency manually. This change will improve the processor’s performance. Some RAMs have been overclocked to 3800MHz, with CL14 latency as low as 0.1 millisecond. As a result, the less capable column address strobe (CAS) will accomplish jobs more rapidly by fetching data.


The RAM comes in a variety of speeds ranging from 2100 MHz to 4800 MHz, with higher frequency and better value. It is up to the user to decide which frequency is best for them based on their usage; this is why it is the most important component. Memory is essential in today’s games. Your system must have at least 3600MHz RAM if you want the greatest performance, especially in games. High-frequency RAMs boost the performance of your PC greatly, but they must be compatible with your system. Many overclocked RAM versions are available on the market that increase speed, but if you want a considerable performance improvement, stay away from the system-supported speeds.

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