The cat was born with two pairs of ears and a defective jaw. The cat named Midas is a bit strange to look at because of an extra pair of ears. However, this extra pair of ears has brought him extra popularity

Midas responded to the Internet at just four months old. He has his own Instagram account. Pictures of his daily activities were uploaded there. He has 63 thousand followers through net.

Uploading pictures of Midas on Instagram is followed by a flood of likes and love. The downpour of good wishes for Midas comes down. Midas has become a star with four ears.

Midas was born in Ankara, Turkey. He has four more siblings. However, he did not have to stay on the streets with his siblings for long.

This strange cat was adopted by a family in Ankara. Sadhas named him Midas. According to Greek mythology, Midas is the name of a king whose touch turned everything into gold. The family named the kitten after that.

The family thought that she might suffer because of this strange appearance. No one will love him, no one will want to give him shelter.

They already have two dogs in their house. They have a lot in common with Midas.

This form of midas does not have a bad effect on his health, according to animal experts. He can hear well. According to them, it is a kind of genetic defect.

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