Peng Shuai accuses former Chinese vice premier of sexual harassment But since that allegation, the missing Chinese tennis girl and one of the country’s biggest sports stars, Shuai!

Shuai has been missing since November 2. An e-mail was then sent to the girls’ tennis organization WTA. Chinese state-run media have claimed that Shuai, who won the women’s doubles at the 2013 Wimbledon and the 2014 French Open, sent the mail. But Steve Simon, head of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), himself has expressed doubts about the e-mail.

In the meanwhile, China is trying to prove that Shuai is healthy again tomorrow. A journalist in the state-run media has tried to prove that he is still alive by posting some pictures of the tennis star. This time too, everyone is looking at that claim with suspicion.

Weibo is an alternative to Twitter in China, which has many restrictions on the use of the Internet and social media. On that Weibo, Peng Shuai posted a complaint on November 2 against former Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli. Shuai writes in the post that Gaoli forced him to have sex.

Shuai has not been seen since about half an hour after posting on November 2. The post is the next thing, no one has seen Shuaikei since then! The tennis world has become vocal about this, and the WTA is running a regular campaign to find Shuai.

The editor of Global Times, an English-language newspaper published by the Communist Party, said on Twitter he had confirmed from unidentified sources that the photos “are indeed Peng Shuai’s current state.”

“In the past few days, she stayed in her own home freely and she didn’t want to be disturbed,” wrote the editor, Hu Xijin. “She will show up in public and participate in some activities soon.”

The photos showed Peng with a gray cat and holding a panda figurine in what appeared to be a private home with stuffed animals lined up behind her. There was no indication when the photos were taken.

Meanwhile, despite the ban on Twitter in China, Shen Xuewei, a journalist with good relations with the Chinese government, posted several pictures on Twitter yesterday. With three pictures of Shuai, Shiwei writes, ‘Weing chat moments of Peng Shuai. Just gave three new pictures and said, “Happy weekend.” His friend shared these three pictures. Here is a screenshot of Peng’s weekly chat moments. ‘

The chairman and CEO of the Women’s Tennis Association, Steve Simon, on Wednesday questioned the legitimacy of the statement released by CGTN. Simon said it “only raises my concerns as to her safety.However, looking at this picture, no one can be sure about Shuai’s health. CNN says there is no word on whether the photos were original or when they were taken.

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