When using a powder coating stripper, you need to use a safe chemical for the environment and compatible with the material you’re trying to strip. Some solutions require you to heat the material, but others use chemicals that are non-flammable and safe for use around children and pets. This article will discuss the two types of chemical powder coating stripper and which is best for your application. Here’s a quick overview of what each chemical does and how it works.

Oven cleaner can be used to strip some types of powder coating. It’s inexpensive and easily available but doesn’t do a good job. If you want to use a chemical powder coating stripper, aerosols and gels are two types. These products typically require several applications to completely strip the coating. You can also use oven cleaner to strip the coating in 15 minutes, but it won’t leave a shiny finish.

When using a powder coating stripper, check the instructions carefully. Read the labels and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Don’t try to use too much in one application. Using too much could leave a residue on the part. Also, if you do use too much of it, you’ll end up with ash on the part and an improper surface profile. This may make it impossible to clean the part thoroughly.

Miles #8659 and 8660 are two of the most effective powder coating strippers. They both require an immersion tank of polypropylene or stainless steel and contain a 50% concentration. It removes powder coating in fifteen to twenty minutes per three mils of cured powder coating. These two chemicals also work in heated tanks. They are corrosive and must be shipped via D.O.T. transportation. This product is not recommended for re-applications.

Benco B17 is a high-concentration liquid chemical that can remove powder coating in less than twenty minutes. However, this chemical must be used with extra safety precautions, as it can burn the skin if you’re exposed to it. Never use the chemical on your skin; apply it to the area with a brush, not a continuous flow pump system. Then, rinse the area with a solution of T.S.P. and water.

Sandblasting is another option for powder coating removal. This method can remove coatings on a wide variety of surfaces. It’s an efficient and safe way to remove various materials but can be expensive if you’re using a large object. Additionally, it can be portable. In a pinch, a sandblasting cabinet can be used in the field. If you’re concerned about the safety of your employees, consider media blasting as a viable option.

Another type of stripper is called a burn-off system. This system uses high temperatures to ignite the powder coating and then burn it off the part. This process can take anywhere from three to six hours to finish. The residual ash on the part must be removed in a separate wash stage to prevent contamination of the next coating process. If you’re using a burn-off system, be sure to check the safety precautions and regulations of the system before deciding on a particular method.If you seek paint stripper or rust removers? You can consult with Solvent Replacement for more information.

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