There is a word in the Bengali dictionary called ‘complement’, which means by which one completes another. For a Messi, there will always be a Ronaldo. Maradona for Pel. Steve Smith for Kohli and Sachin for Lara! The story was similar in tennis. Rafael Nadal was a complement to Roger Federer. That is to say, because the invasion of their kingdom has already been completed by another.

Novak Djokovic’s tennis was handcuffed during NATO bombings, on the streets of Belgrade, as he walked on the clay court, just as one bomb after another fell on the other side of the city. Standing on the brink of the break-up of Yugoslavia, a terrible shock has passed over Serbia. The urge to survive every day, and to move forward with faith in love — the two have formed a new superpower in the tennis world. The smell of bombs and gunpowder taught him how to handle the pressure of holding match points, how to get the match out with a cool head even under the pressure of the surroundings, how to build his own empire by ignoring the greatness of the two kings.

Djokovic’s arrival in the tennis kingdom is too late. In those days, Federer and Nadal took their place in tennis. Federer has gone to the seat of tennis legend. Federer’s only obstacle to victory? His name is Rafael Nadal. When Djokovic played his first Grand Slam final, Federer held 12 Grand Slams. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Nadal is also finding his place in the world of tennis, just the beginning of Novak. And from there, Novak’s journey to make tennis his own began.

The journey was by no means a good one. The more a player sharpens himself day by day, the more his fan base grows. But that is not true of Novak. It would be a mistake to say that he was not a fan, but Novak has not been able to adapt to the way Federer and Nadal have grown over time.

The word ‘bad boy’ is not very popular in tennis. No one’s behavior is violent inside or outside the field. But Novak was the sand in the eyes of tennis spectators. The reason can be said in many ways. In tennis, beauty is more important than title. Roger Federer is said to be the inventor of classical tennis. People who have never seen tennis after watching his game will also sit down to watch the game. Contemporary Nadal was the complete opposite. He used to play ‘Warrior’ tennis covering the whole field. There was no chance of getting annoyed even though he didn’t get a classic look after watching his game.

Novak Djokovic is the opposite in both respects. There is no ‘soul’ in his game, there is no so-called beauty. Play one match without interest, the opponent gets annoyed, the spectators get annoyed. Playing a lot of goals is like ‘buspark’ in football. No attack, just defense. In the language of tennis it is called return. Annoyed by his return, the opponent made one mistake or another

With nothing left to prove to Djokovic, the joys and accomplishments of winning at this point in his career have taken Djokovic to the next level. He is living alone on that peak. But his dream is to go beyond that. The dream is to see your name first in the history of tennis. Wimbledon was the last step in fulfilling his dream.

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