Visiting West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee has called on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They met at the Prime Minister’s Office in Delhi on Wednesday evening. At the time, Mamata demanded that Modi withdraw his decision to increase the working area of ​​the Indian Border Security Force (BSF).

After the half-hour meeting, Mamata told reporters that the BSF was already facing various difficulties in its work. Members of this force are shooting and killing people in the border areas. Now the expansion of work area and jurisdiction could lead to conflict with the state. This new instruction needs to be revoked.

Reacting to the unilateral directive of the BSF to expand its working area, Mamata told Modi that the federal structure of India was being shaken. If the BSF asks the state for help, the state government is ready to do so. BSF members are border guards with qualifications. That is their job.

In a recent directive, the Union Home Ministry has extended the jurisdiction of the BSF to 50 km from the border in several states, including West Bengal, Punjab and Assam. The BSF will be able to conduct arrests and searches in these areas. West Bengal and Punjab are opposed to the directive.

In a meeting with Prime Minister Modi, Mamata blamed the BJP government for the ongoing violence in Tripura. “I have told the prime minister that there is anarchy in Tripura,” Mamata told reporters. Trinamool Congress leaders are being attacked. Being arrested. The election campaign is not being allowed. This is not desirable in a democracy.

At the time, Mamata said the World Trade Conference would be held in Kolkata in April next year. He requested Prime Minister Modi to inaugurate the conference. Prime Minister Modi has promised to consider the proposal.

Mamata arrived in Delhi two months ago to meet Prime Minister Modi. This time too he had a meeting with Modi. Opposition groups called for a cease-fire in protest of the Modi-Mamata meeting. West Bengal CPM leader Sujan Chakraborty said the visit had nothing to do with the development of the state. All that exists is entirely the personal political relationship of the Chief Minister.

The leadership of the West Bengal State Congress is also vocal in its criticism. Adhir Chowdhury, a member of the party’s Lok Sabha, taunted Mamata yesterday evening and said that he had gone to seek advice on how to weaken and break up the Congress. He said that the Chief Minister is now talking about BSF. But he was absent during the discussion in the assembly.

The CPM and the Congress – both parties have repeatedly complained that Modi and Mamata are helping each other. Mamata’s goal is to keep her family members safe from corruption scandals. And Modi’s goal is not to allow Mamata to build anti-BJP unity in the country.

Journalists want to know from Mamata yesterday whether she will meet Congress President Sonia Gandhi during her visit to Delhi this time. In reply, Mamata said that there was no constitutional obligation to meet Sonia Gandhi as soon as she arrived in Delhi. The Congress is now busy with the Punjab vote. He’s all mituk, then see.

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