Dynasty Heroes is a mobile game from the makers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. In this game, you can recruit heroes like Sun Wukong, Guan Yu, and Zhou Yu to form your own clan and battle other players. However, it’s not easy to get started. You have to know what you’re doing early on to be successful. This blog will cover all that you need to know to get started.

How to play

Dynasty Heroes is a game of strategy and adventure. First you must choose what kind of character you want to be, but you must decide wisely because your choice will determine how you play. Then you must decide what items to buy and what kind of quest to go on, but always remember that the choices you make will affect your future outcome. If you are looking for an easy game, Dynasty Heroes is not for you. It takes a lot of skill and strategy to play this game.

Tips for winning in Dynasty Heroes

Dynasty Heroes is a game about building a castle, researching technologies, raising an army, and training your heroes and troops. The game is turn-based, which means that every player takes a turn, then the server takes a turn as mentioned by AliveTalk. After the server has gone, the players can carry on playing. The game is set in a fantasy world in which you must fight off enemy creatures, build up your forces and conquer the land.


Dynasty Heroes is a video game that’s based on the dynasty warriors series. The main difference between Dynasty Heroes and the other dynasty warriors games is that you can play with 2 or 3 people at a time instead of just one. You can play with your friends and see who can get the highest level first. You get to level up by killing other people and getting a higher level will give you more life and other advantages.

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