Allegations of racism are now rife in English county cricket. Azim Rafique was the first to speak out against racist treatment of Asian cricketers and foreign cricketers. This time, former West Indies fast bowler Tino Best appeared with serious allegations.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Best claimed that devout Muslims, such as Hashim Amla, had been forced to drink alcohol in the county. The whole of English cricket has come to the center of controversy after this allegation of Tino Best.
Former South African captain Hashim Amla stays away from drinking, never putting the logo of the wine company on his jersey. He had to face many fines for this.

County cricket team Yorkshire has been stripped of its right to host international matches after Muslim cricketer Azim Rafique complained of racism, and many of the county club’s sponsors have left. This time again Tino Best appeared with a big debate.

Former West Indies fast bowler Tino Best played for Yorkshire in the 2010 season. According to him, the county teams have a lot of white cricketers who have been drinking heavily. Who racist and misbehave with Asian players.

Describing the incident with Hashim Amla, a South African, he said, “A man sitting at Hashim Amla’s table was forcing Amla to drink for about three or four hours. It was telling me to drink it once a minute. Hashim is a very nice man and he says in a calm voice that he does not drink alcohol. Despite this, if Hashim is forced, I am finally forced to tell him to stop. ‘

Hashim Amla is a strictly devout Muslim. Far be it from you to drink wine, do not even carry the wine company logo on your jersey.

Not only has this happened to bureaucrats, but Best said the culture in county cricket is, “Here, along with cricket, culture is drinking and that’s a big problem.” It is not appropriate to force anyone to go to the club and drink eight or nine bottles of wine. If no one adhered to this culture, they would not be able to be a member of the Boys’ Club and would not have the opportunity to join the team. It is hurting black and Asian cricketers, “he added.

Speaking about Yorkshire, Best said that the manner in which the cricketers of the team talked to the black and Asian cricketers was very shameful. ‘Because I am black, I always try to be by their side. The language they used to speak in 2010 is unthinkable ‘- claims Best.

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