Halloween is one of the most celebrated festivals in the West. Although it is celebrated by Christians around the world on October 31 every year, it has become almost a universal festival in the developed world.

This traditional day began with the ancient Celtic festival. People used to light fires and wear special clothes to drive away ghosts. In Europe, America and other developed countries, as soon as the month of October starts, the decoration for Halloween festival starts in different shops. From sweet pumpkins to black clothes, spider webs, ghost masks, etc., there is a flurry of sales.

Those who attend the Halloween festival have no idea about the origin of the festival. This story-based festival is very old in the western society. This has changed over time. According to known information, the word Halloween originated around 1845. Its origins within the Christian community. Its Bengali meaning is holy afternoon or night. It comes from the Scottish word, meaning ‘everything is holy’ or ‘all hello’, which means the day before Holy afternoon or night.

Modern Halloween is a religious social culture influenced by the folklore and beliefs of the inhabitants of the western Celtic speaking countries of Europe. Historian Nicholas Rogers traces the origins of Halloween to Halloween, a feast in honor of Pomana, the Roman goddess of abundant fruit. There are various types of mythology in this context. However, modern Halloween folklore is thought to be influenced by Christian doctrine. Most Christians in Europe and America celebrate Halloween on October 31 and November 1 and 2.

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