The candidature for the photo wearing hijab has been ‘canceled’ in the police recruitment application. A few Muslim job seekers filed a writ petition in the Calcutta High Court. Later, the court directed the Calcutta Police to recruit in compliance with the issues mentioned in the writ petition.

The High Court said in its writ petition hearing on Monday that the West Bengal Police constable would be appointed as per the writ petition. In other words, the outcome of the recruitment process of the West Bengal Police will have to comply with the directions of the relevant writ petition.

The preliminary examination for the post of constable of West Bengal Police was held on 26 September. Admission was published at the end of September. Allegedly, the candidacies of about 1,000 Muslim women were disqualified for giving pictures after wearing hijab. Some candidates filed a writ petition in the High Court.

Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (MBZ) of the United Arab Emirates is currently on a visit to Turkey.

During his visit, the UAE and Turkey will hold talks to repair bilateral relations and boost economic cooperation.

Turkish daily Sabah reported this information.

He was reportedly welcomed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates arrived in Turkey on his first official visit since 2012. He is considered the de facto leader of the emirate and the determinant of the country’s foreign policy.

This is the first visit by a high-ranking official of the emirate to Ankara after tensions between the two countries over their dominance at the regional level.

Earlier, the prince’s brother, UAE National Security Adviser Tahnun bin Zayed Al Nahyan, visited Turkey in August. That was the first significant step in restoring the relationship.

A statement from the Turkish president’s office said the two leaders would discuss bilateral relations to boost cooperation between the two countries. The regional and international situation will also be important in their discussions.

Turkish officials have called the MBZ visit a “beginning of a new era.” Turkey has blamed the United Arab Emirates for undermining Ankara’s interests in Libya and for financing a failed military coup in 2016. Since then, the two countries have been at loggerheads. In addition, there are differences of opinion between the two countries regarding Syria and Qatar.

The UAE has recently noticed the way the Turkish defense sector is moving forward. In particular, Turkey has built drones, missile defense systems, warships and unmanned military vehicles with domestic technology. The various weapons manufactured by the country have already shown success. For these reasons, the UAE wants to reduce its distance from Turkey. In such a situation, Ankara and Abu Dhabi are dreaming of developing relations again around this visit of MBZ.

Protests and large anti-Israel rallies have taken place in Jordan in protest of Israel’s attempt to set up a large solar power plant in Jordan.

The world’s largest solar power project is being built in southern Jordan with funding from the UAE. Protests and demonstrations were held across Jordan on Tuesday in protest. News Arab News.

At the time, protesters said the government had betrayed Israel by normalizing relations with Zionist Israel, which had killed Palestinians. The blood of martyrs is calling us.

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