The Indian Navy Matric Recruit examination is conducted every year by the Indian Navy to recruit stewards, Chefs, and sanitary hygienists. The exam is very competitive as many candidates appear for the exam. There are several benefits of being selected through the Indian Navy MR exam for the candidates.

With BYJU’S Exam Prep, the candidates can prepare for the Indian Navy MR exam with their mock exams that are curated by experts in this field. The candidates can evaluate their performance and accordingly prepare for the exam.

Life of the Indian Navy MR students

The candidates appearing for the Indian Navy MR job have to clear three rounds- The computer-based objective test, followed by the physical test, and finally, the medical examination. Only the candidates who clear all the rounds would be selected for the job.

Job profile

The Indian Navy MR exam is conducted to hire candidates for three job roles. Let us look at the job profile.

  • Steward- The primary task of a Steward is to serve food in the officers’ mess as waiters, work as housekeeping staff, managing funds, wines, and stores, and preparation of the menu.
  • Chef- The primary task of a Chef would be to prepare food as per the menu provided by the Steward. The food includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, handling of meat products, and provisioning of rations.
  • Sanitary hygienist- The primary task of a sanitary hygienist is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in washrooms and the other areas of the base.

Along with it, they would be trained in arms & ammunition and would be allotted other duties for the smooth running of the organisation. All the recruits are trained in Biological, Nuclear, chemical warfare, and damage control.

Indian Navy MR Salary Structure

The salary structure of Indian Navy MR recruits falls under the ‘Y’ group in the sailor category. The salary structure comes under the range of INR 21,700 to INR 69,100. The recruits would be paid INR 14,600/- per month during the training period.

Indian Navy MR perks and benefits

There are various benefits and perks attached to the Indian Navy MR job.

  • The Navy MR students are given a dearness allowance along with their salary to manage the gap because of the inflation on the people.
  • They are provided with fuel reimbursements on their official duty.
  • They are provided with allowances for renovating their homes.
  • Other benefits include loan facilities, canteen facilities, Leave Travel Concession (LTC), pension on retirement, and insurance cover upto 25 lakhs. The MR recruits have to serve a minimum of 15 years of service to avail pension and other post-retirement benefits.
  • The employees are provided with a furniture allowance to provide the cost of the furniture of the house where the employees live.
  • The Indian Navy MR and their families are entitled to medical reimbursements.
  • The Indian Navy MR serving onboard ships is entitled to a sea duty allowance between Rs 3000-4500 per month.
  • The recruits are provided free rations according to their ranks.
  • They can avail of Naval housing schemes in almost all major cities.

The Inside Life of Indian Navy MR

  • As an Indian Navy MR recruit, you would spend time on the ships and various ports. You would get a chance to visit different places in India and abroad.
  • While on a submarine or ship, you would be provided with sufficient living space.
  • The chefs are busy all the time preparing food for everyone.
  • Every ship has its ‘home port’, and the recruits can spend a good amount of time in that place.
  • When on the sea, the Indian Navy looks after the family of the recruits.
  • The recruits meet with people from different backgrounds and diverse cultures.
  • The recruits are hired purely based on their talent and merits. They are treated equally and are provided equal responsibilities as per their ranks in the Indian Navy.
  • The recruits are provided with high-quality sports facilities on the ships and shore establishments. Various adventure activities like the ascent of Mount Everest (2004), travel to South Pole (2006) and North Pole (2016), and Expedition to Mt. Satopanth (2016) is conducted in the Indian Navy.


The Indian Navy MR students have to clear three rounds to be recruited for the post of Steward, Chef, and sanitary hygienists. The recruits get various benefits and perks on their job, along with their salary and other monetary benefits. With BYJU’S Exam Prep, the candidates can prepare for the Indian Navy MR exam with their structured mock tests as per the exam standards.

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