Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina has called upon the leaders and workers of the party to be aware of the people who are spreading propaganda in the country and abroad despite so much development in the country. We have to be aware of them and respond to the propaganda. And in what hope will people vote for BNP?

In the hope that the people will vote for the party (BNP) run by the convicted fugitive accused? People will never vote for a party that looted the money of the poor and smuggled it abroad. In her introductory speech at the meeting of Awami League’s highest policy-making forum Central Executive Parliament at her official residence Ganobhaban on Friday, the Prime Minister said, “I have always been Khaleda Zia’s main target.” I think every Awami League leader and activist should be reminded of their misdeeds. Those who were tortured by the BNP at that time do not need to make another speech, they should inform the people about what the BNP has done to them. So that they can make a living by selling our intellect, so that at least some knowledge may enter their intellect and they may know the real situation. The Prime Minister complained that some people were holding meetings on how the Awami League could not be kept in power.
But what is the crime of Awami League? Awami League is developing the country, what is this crime? The people of Bangladesh can now eat two meals a day. Now they are not able to earn money from abroad by showing it to the hungry and dry people, this is their sorrow. The Prime Minister said the country is developing, the wheel of development is turning.

Today Bangladesh has got the status of a developing country. Many people spread various propaganda against the country unnecessarily and unnecessarily and even why we are a developing country is also our crime! But they do not know that the power of the people is the power of Awami League. We are working in the service of the people. Bangladesh has now reached a prestigious position in the world. We are working to serve the people. We are working for the welfare of the people. The touch of development has reached the village. People of all classes and professions of the country have got the touch of development. The meeting of the Central Executive Parliament, chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, started at her residence Ganobhaban at 4 pm and lasted for several nights. The meeting was attended by about 50 leaders of the central executive parliament, including the party’s general secretary, in compliance with health protection rules. At the beginning of the meeting, the condolence motion raised by the office secretary Barrister Biplob Baraya was accepted.

In her introductory speech, the Prime Minister asked, “In what hope will the people of the country vote for BNP in the election?” They have looted the money of the poor of the country and smuggled it abroad. With the smuggled money, there is comfort abroad. What is the source of this income? At the time, the Prime Minister criticized some of the most privileged interests in the country, saying, “We have some people who commit thousands of crimes but do not see them as criminals.” While speaking out against corruption, they sided with those convicted of corruption. Those who have smuggled thousands of crores of rupees abroad, have been convicted of embezzling orphans’ money – are crying for them (Khaleda Zia).

“I have always been Khaleda Zia’s target,” Sheikh Hasina said, adding that Khaleda Zia had declared why she was the prime minister and could not be the leader of the opposition. I will not be able to come to power in a hundred years. I was attacked soon after Khaleda Zia’s announcement. Then the bomb was planted in Kotalipara. Then came the grenade attack on 21 August. I have always been Khaleda Zia’s target. I don’t think we should forget these words.

Addressing the central leaders of the party, the Prime Minister said, “BNP has inflicted unspeakable torture on thousands of our leaders and workers.” We were not allowed to have a meeting. One pulled his beard just to show me his hand. Many of our leaders and activists had their wrists cut off. The leg was amputated. The eyes were lifted. Occupying the house. 20,000 of our leaders and activists died due to their oppression. They also tried to name the name of Awami League. Highlighting the persecution of Awami League leaders and activists during different governments, the Awami League president said, “We could not sit, go or enter the Awami League office because of the oppression of Khaleda Zia when she came to power.” They shut down our CRI and took away 18 computers, 300 files, tens of thousands of books, cash and everything. After coming to power in 2009, we can open that office again.

They tortured each other before the election. Said- will not choose. They wanted to show that they did not participate in the election. That was their purpose. The Awami League president said there was a ruling in the High Court that those who seized power by violating the constitution and issuing martial law had been declared illegal.

Ziaur Rahman violated not only martial law but also army rules. Because it was clearly written that while working in the army, they will not be able to vote or do any politics. But Ziaur Rahman, the army chief at the same time, declared himself president. Later, the President was re-elected with a ‘yes-no’ vote. Then they formed political parties again. That party is BNP.

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