Internet Safety for Kids: How to Keep Your Children Safe Online?

Everything, no matter how miraculous it is, comes with pros and cons. Also, excess of anything can be harmful. However, when it comes to kids, they need supervision and guidance for literally anything. Kids today love using gadgets and smart devices that connect them with the world outside whether they are using YouTube, playing online games, or Facebooking. If they can use gadgets, we can safely assume they can chat or attend calls and we do not decide who has access to them when they are online. 

The online world is a safe and most resourceful place if you are ready to unlock the best out of it. However, we cannot expect that kids and even adults or businesses have been a victim of unsafe browsing on the internet. Having a reliable ISP is also equally important so you can check Spectrum internet and Spectrum TV packages so you can have the best of both worlds for you and your kids. 

What are the possible risks and threats in the online world? (for anyone)

–         Getting hacked: 

from your devices to your drives, someone can access your personal or professional data through unethical means and misuse that however they want. 

–         Ransomware:

Someone acquiring confidential information and blackmailing you. Usually, they expect a favor or money in exchange. 

–         Identity Theft:

Someone pretending to be you on your social media or any other platform and asking for money or anything like you. 

–         Credit Info:

someone stealing your financial information, credit card, or banking details to misuse them. 

The threats are many but precautions are a few and never harmed anyone. So, let’s find out what are precautionary measures we can take to ensure our kids are safe and so are we and our systems. Everybody is vulnerable online. 

Make Your Kids Aware of Internet Safety

Before allowing your kids to use the internet, teach them about internet safety and the risks they might face. Most people are not aware of internet safety and its risks this is the reason they don’t find themselves in a stage to help their kids regarding online threats. Following are some things that you should know to keep your children safe online. So, let’s check them out!

Online Risks Your Kids Should Know

Your kids should be aware of:

  • Inappropriate or spam websites.
  • Virus and Malware. How it gets into your computer and how to avoid it. 
  • Online financial frauds.
  • Sexual predators. 
  • Not sharing personal information with everyone on social media. 

What Do Kids Do Online? 

  • 30% of the kids used the internet in a way they were not allowed. 
  • 21% of the kids wanted to interact with strangers. 
  • 17% visited porn websites. 
  • 11% visited websites that helped them to cheat on their homework. 
  • 4% were attracted by online gambling websites. 

Steps To Take To Ensure the Safety of Your Children Online

Keep an eye on your child (ren) online activities. We know that you are a busy person, but nothing is more important than the life and future of your children. Don’t allow your kids to use the internet alone for long hours. Help your child understand the use of the internet for learning opportunities. The best thing is to teach them how they can set up a strong password. 

Role of Parents to Keep Their Kids Safe

  • If your child uses the internet on a computer, keep it in a commonplace where you or other family members pass regularly. 
  • Monitor the browsing history daily.
  • Use parental control to block unwanted websites.
  • Monitor the behavior of your child.
  • Take him to a child psychiatrist for usual lookovers. 

Conclusive Notes

Try to build a friendly relationship with your kids. It will help them understand what you are trying to help them. Make them understand that you are doing it for safety and security. Don’t make them feel that you are imposing unusual restrictions, or wasting their time, etc. If your kid is comfortable in sharing everything with you, it will help you a lot to keep your kid safe online. We all know what kind of things we have to face online. Having a friendly relationship with your kid will help him to share everything with you without any hesitation.

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