Like many, watching the Bangladesh cricket team is a hobby of mine. So far I have watched about 98 matches in international cricket and BPL. After a break of almost two years due to Corona, I went to Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla Stadium again yesterday. However, I would like to go to another discussion here, excluding the field game. What are the thoughts of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) for the spectators who are called the life of the field?

Let’s start with the issue of buying tickets. The country is going digital, how proud the whole nation is about Digital Bangladesh, but the BCB still relies on that bamboo to sell tickets! Tickets are being sold in the traditional way by making bamboo cages. Forgetting Corona’s panic, I stood in line for tickets. However, no one really stood there for the purpose of watching the game, but most of the people have come to black market in the hope of earning two paise. Anyone can understand the matter if they go in front of Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla Stadium before the start of the game.

My ticket was at gate number 1, but the queue of spectators was so long that I had to stand in line near gate number 4. I was thinking after crossing such a long queue, maybe the pressure was created because I was looking at a ticket scan or Covid’s vaccination card. But when I approached, I was surprised. There is no such thing as a plague! Our pressure and suffering has been doubled by keeping half the gates closed and making arrangements for the spectators to enter the field.

The behavior of the security guards who would check the tickets of the spectators while entering the field, it seemed as if they were kindly allowing us to enter the field! However, after overcoming so many adversities and entering the gallery, the danger increased.

Half of the tickets for the Covid are sold at the gallery, but the empty gallery below increases the pressure on visitors. There is no way to go and sit somewhere. The BCB has probably forgotten to look this way as no one has been on the field for two years. A layer of dust has accumulated on the seats. Visitors are inserted into the gallery without having to clean them. BCB may have thought that after so many days, they are getting a chance to come on the field and watch the game. Visitors will also be able to clean the gallery.

The seats in the gallery are also dilapidated. Those who bought tickets for 300 rupees and went to watch the game, now have broken seats on their foreheads. As many seats are unsuitable for seating, a large number of spectators have watched the game standing or sitting on the steps of the gallery. If one needs to respond to the call of nature, then the situation is more terrible. And in the gallery that low quality food is also sold at a high price, it seems that the visitors are not human! One bottle of water was being sold at almost three times the fixed price.

After enduring so much hardship and mental torture, Bangladesh has lost in the end. At the time of leaving the field, it seemed that the spectators have also contributed a lot to the BCB’s saving of Rs 900 crore. And whether the right of the spectator on the field is the most neglected! Maybe, going to watch the game in Mirpur is a crime. Even then, maybe out of love for cricket, I will go to that dusty gallery to support the Bangladesh team. We, the spectators are the lifeblood of cricket!

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