A man from the US state of Maryland recently won a 2 million lottery. In Bangladeshi currency which is more than 16 crore rupees. This is not the first time, however, that he won the same amount of dollars in the lottery a few years ago. The Salisbury resident is a retired utility worker.

According to CNN, the name of the lottery is ‘2 million richer’. He bought a total of two tickets from an Exxon gas station. The first ticket did not please him. Because, in the first one, he won ড 100. But the second ticket is Bajimat. He won 2 million there.

The lucky person can know the news of winning the lottery in the midst of the epidemic. But he kept the matter a secret for so many days. Waiting until the deadline to claim the lottery money has passed. Just a few days before the due date, he contacted the lottery office and brought a huge amount of money.

“I was a little upset,” he said as he demanded lottery money from Maryland lottery officials. The closer I got to the expiration date, the more I doubted it was true! ‘

After winning the lottery for the first time, the man told lottery officials that he would use the money for family vacations and for his own leisure time. Now he is retired. Now, if you want to know what to do with the lottery money, tell me about the house renovation and home renovation.

“You have to be realistic,” he said of the lottery. When you play, just playing to hit big donations, let it never happen. You have to enjoy the game while playing, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. As long as you enjoy playing, you will win. ‘

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