Mirka USA is a manufacturer of textile bottom materials and liners within the beaver industrial supply market. The head office and research and development department are based in Jeppo, Finland. Textile bottom material is produced in Karis, a town near Jeppo. The finished products are warehoused in Oravais, close to Jeppo. The company exports its products from Deos, Jeppo and Oravais. The company has fourteen subsidiaries throughout the United States and Europe, which maintain close contact with individual customers locally.

The company was founded in 1943 and began production in January 1946. The founder, Onni Aulo, managed to master making the products in less than half a year. In 1962, the company moved to Kiitola in Jeppo, and, in 1966, it was sold to Oy Keppo Ab. The company was purchased back in 1973 by the same company. Today, the company employs about 350 people in two locations.

In the 1960s, Mirka USA began exporting its products to the USA. Its productivity doubled, and exports accounted for 54 percent of its total turnover in the 1970s. Mirka stopped making cheap bulk products to survive in the international abrasives market. Instead, it shifted its focus to producing products for the high-end industry. In 1969, Mirka introduced its first self-adhesive discs, which quickly became its most popular product group.

National Abrasives is an authorized distributor of Mirka products in the USA. They carry a wide variety of sanding discs, power sanders, and other tools. National Abrasives carry an extensive Mirka abrasive, including Abralon, Abranet, Autonet, Gold, Microstar, and Goldflex. Abranet is a patented abrasive developed by Mirka.

The company’s remint polishing compound is designed to restore uniform gloss to chemically hardened glass surfaces. Mirka Remint is suitable for factory refurbishing electronic devices and repair specialist shops. This compound utilizes a fast-cutting Polarshine 45 polishing compound to give the surface a perfect deep gloss finish. The products’ unique features include a dust-free working environment and a high-quality finish. Mirka Remint makes sanding safer and more efficient while improving efficiency.

Among the Mirka DEOS sander family, the ROS2 850CV is lightweight and easy to use. Its low-profile design makes it comfortable to use. It also features Bluetooth low energy technology and an integrated vibration sensor. The ROS2 850CV also offers great ergonomics, a 5-millimeter orbit, and a black phosphate lever. This machine has the capability to sand corners quickly and easily.

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