Mostafizur Rahman had to get up from the field due to the activities of Bersik fans. This time he dropped out of the team because of that very enthusiastic fan. Right-arm pacer Kamrul Islam Rabbi has been named in the squad instead. Saif Hasan has also been dropped from the squad for the last T20. Young opener Parvez Emon has joined the team instead.

What will Parvez Emon do? Will there be a place in the XI in the last match on November 22 at all? Time to answer her. However, the latest news is that young left-arm opener Parvez Emon has been called up to the team at the last minute instead of Saif Hasan, even though he did not get a place in the first 16.

Parvez Emon has been named in the 16-man squad for the final match on Monday. Right-arm medium pacer Kamrul Islam Rabbi has also been included in the squad.

Incidentally, Saif Hasan got a chance in the first two matches but showed poor performance. There were high expectations for him. But after scoring 1 run in the first match, he got out in the second match without any run.

Today, four hours after the end of the game on Saturday, around 10 pm, a sudden rumor spread that Saif Hasan is being or will be sent to practice with the Test team in Chittagong.

When contacted by the chief selector to know the truth of the news, Minhazul Abedin Nannu told Jago News around 11 pm, “Yes, Pervez Emon has joined the party. And if I think Saif, then the Test team may be sent to practice in Chittagong. ‘

However, Nannu did not give any assurance that he would be sent. In his last words, not only Pervez Emon but also Kamrul Islam Rabbi has been included in the team.

In whose place will Kamrul Islam Rabbi join the team? The chief selector replied, “Mostafiz will not be able to play. That is why we have called Kamrul Islam Rabbi in the team. The rabbi has joined the team as a backup for Mostafiz. ‘

But was it because Mostafiz’s biological protection zone was broken when a very enthusiastic spectator who suddenly entered the field today fell at his feet? Nannu did not clarify the answer to that question. However, it was already known that the entire team will be tested for corona as a precautionary measure as Mostafiz’s safety belt was broken in the fans’ case.

When asked about this, Chief Physician Debashish Chowdhury said, “It cannot be said at the moment that Mostafiz is excluded because of the biological protection zone.” We will test the whole team on Sunday morning, then it will be said whether he has a problem with covid. ‘.

However, team director Khaled Mahmud Sujan has clarified about Mostafiz. “Mostafiz has a side strain,” he told Jago News. That is why we have called Kamrul Islam Rabbi in the team without taking any risk. ‘

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