So, it’s May already! Mother’s day is around the corner which means you’ve got less than a week to buy gifts for your lovely mothers. It happens every year, and trust us, you are not alone. Well, nothing to worry about. You still have time, no need to panic. Make your mom, aunt, or grandma smile this mother’s day with these last minute gift ideas.

Fresh flowers Of course, flowers are the best mothers day gift for all the moms out there. So, if you are struggling for the last minute idea, flowers are the way to go! Celebrate Mother on her special day with bouquets filled with roses, marigolds and sunflowers, or any other flower as per the choice of your mom.

Personalized recipe book If your mother is not good enough for your cooking, she will love to eat all your best dishes in one place. Fill this customizable recipe book with all your signature recipes, and it will be her new favorite cookbook.

Shower steamer Bath bombs are a great idea but what if your mother prefers steamers instead of bath bombs? Shower steamers are new in trend and a great gift for your mother, Once opened they emit lavender, eucalyptus, and other essential oils when it drops into the corner of a running shower.

Plantation greeting card Once she reads your thoughtful and heartfelt message, she can peel away the seed paper from the front of the card and plant it straight in her garden. With some water and sun, she can grow flowers and herbs in her garden.

Perfume Gift her a nice and soothing fragrant perfume on her special day wishing her a refreshing mothers day. Whenever she will wear it, it will remind her of you.

Digital gifts Now, we all are staying indoors, and, being mothers day around the corner, you must be asking yourself: How do I make my Mother feel special at a time like this? Send gifts for mom in a DIGITAL way from our variety of digital gifts such as- e greeting cards, caricature, video messages, etc. Order Mothers Day gifts online and wish her digitally!

How can you miss a cake? No celebration or occasion is complete without a cake. So, hope you are not panacing and focusing on how to make her feel special. Get up and get going with one of these mothers day gift ideas. It’s the effort that matters and we bet, she will love whatever you will do for her. Happy Mothers Day!

Almost everyone in the food industry has strong faith in cardboard boxes. They are water and dust resistant, while another quality is that they won’t let any insects enter inside the box. The boxes can protect the food from various harmful elements. The cakes won’t bang with each other or fall due to secure packaging. The cake boxes packaging will protect the cakes, pastries, and other bakery items from shocks and vibrations. When there is no pressure or abrasion, the cakes will deliver fresh to the doorstep of your customers, making them happy. People usually like packaging designs that are easy to handle.

Choosing a color theme that can blend well with the type of cake will do the trick. Cardboard boxes are not only flexible but are adaptable as well. You can customize them in different shapes and structures. You can either tape them or glue them while stapling them is also easy.

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