The seasons have changed. The field has also changed. But on the first day of the new season, Vali Otabek and Solomon King appeared in their old looks. And the fact that they are burning means that Sheikh Jamal is sohaga in Dhanmondi’s gold. Even today, they started the Independence Cup by beating Bangladesh Air Force 3-0 at Birshreshtha Shaheed Sepahi Mostafa Kamal Stadium in Kamalapur.

After many days, the Bangladesh Air Force came to play the highest level football in the country and gave the gift of combat football in the first half. One eats the goal before going to the break. They could not stand against the professional players in the second half on the turf field. Sheikh Jamal’s three goals were scored by Uzbekistan’s Otabek, Gambian Solomon and Bangladesh’s Sohanur Rahman.

Sheikh Jamal was the runner-up in the Premier League last season. With the exception of star striker Pa Omar Jobe and center-back Rezaul Karim, they have been able to hold on to almost the rest of the team. Centerback Yasin Khan and forward Chinedu Mathews have been selected to fill the vacancies. Nigerian Matthew has not yet joined the team. Sulaiman Sillah is another foreign forward out of the team due to malaria.

Apart from that, right back Raihan Hasan and left back Shakil Ahmed could not be found to play for their services team. Defender Mohammad Atiquzzaman also could not play due to the allegation that he did not join Mohammedan Sporting Limited even with money. Spanish coach Juan Manuel Martinez had no trouble starting the Bangladesh mission with a big win in the midst of so many ‘no’.

Foreign Otabek-Solomon tested. Today, newcomer Canadian expatriate Bangladeshi midfielder Rahbar Waheed Khan shone with them. Rahbar, who made his national team debut in March this year under Jamie Day, made his debut in professional football today. The 26-year-old attacking midfielder showed his footwork today. He has scored one goal and his indirect contribution in another goal.

Air Force made up of BKSP youth. The big name of the team is only national team striker Sumon Reza. This time Bashundhara Kings is playing the tournament for its own services team. Leaving Sumon alone, the whole team’s goal was to manage the house. What happens if there is a player like Otabek in the opposing team! Otabek led the team in the 17th minute. The Uzbek midfielder caught the ball in his own way from the left side of the box. The opposing goalkeeper has nothing to do with such a shot. After scoring a goal, the air force put more emphasis on the defense system.

But in the second half they did not have any obstacle. Fast-paced players like Solomon and Otabek in the opposing team. However, it is not clear why the air force played up the defense. Jamal scored the last two goals through a pass in the air in a big gap behind their defense. In the 52nd minute, Rahbar-Otabek and Solomon scored 2-0. Otabek took control of the ball through Rahbar from midfield. Solomon scored with a great right-footed shot from his cutback from inside the box.

2 minutes later Faisal-Rahbar and Sohanur 3-0 in chemistry. Faisal throws in the air for Rahbar. Sohanur then started running for the ball behind Rahbar. Without trying to grab the ball, Rahbar increased the ball at the first touch. Sohanur scored the goal by controlling the ball. After a while, the gap could have been bigger if Otabek’s free-kick had not hit the crossbar.
Sheikh Jamal did not do well in the last Independence Cup held in 2016. They left the group stage. This time it started with a big win.

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