The Palestinian Authority has rejected Britain’s move to ban Hamas as a terrorist organization.

On Saturday, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned the British move, saying it would do injustice to the Palestinian people. Through the Belfort Declaration, Palestinian Muslims have historically been the victims of injustice and occupation.

The Belfort Declaration also came through the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Belfort. On November 2, 1918, Belfort, the British leader mediating the Middle East crisis, declared that de facto legalization of Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories.

Reuters reported on Friday that Britain was going to ban Hamas, a Palestinian liberation organization, as a terrorist organization.

In response, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said that the British move to declare Hamas a terrorist organization would be an obstacle to peace in the region. At the same time, efforts to reorganize the Gaza Strip and bring unity to the region will be hampered.

The Palestinian Authority believes that Britain is going to brand Hamas a terrorist under Israeli pressure. London is set to take a stand against Hamas after the Israeli prime minister’s meeting with the British prime minister in Glasgow.

Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, has strongly condemned the British government’s biased behavior. In a statement, the group said the British government should be ashamed of its role in establishing the illegitimate state of Israel without doing so.

Israel has detained about 1,150 Palestinian children since the beginning of the year. The Palestinian human rights group released the figures on November 20, World Children’s Day. Khabar Anadulor.

In less than a year, 1,149 Palestinian children have been taken captive by Israel, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Society. However, most of them were released later. Among them, 160 children are still being held in Damun and Megido prisons.

The human rights group said in a statement that two-thirds of the children arrested had been physically abused. All the children in the prison have been subjected to mental torture from prison.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society estimates that at least 19,000 children have been detained since 2000; Whose age is between 10 to 18 years.

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. But weight loss in the ‘need’ of theft is perhaps unprecedented. And one person has caused this unprecedented incident. He lost 10 kg to steal by entering the house through a narrow window. This was reported in an Indian media report on Saturday.

According to the report, a man named Mohit Singh Chauhan was working as a housemaid in a house of Basant Bihar Society Residence in Ahmedabad, India. He left his job a couple of years ago.

However, due to working as a housemaid in that house for several years, the details were at Mohit’s fingertips. Mohit was also aware of where CCTV cameras were installed in the house, where you could not see if you entered the house, where valuables, jewelery and money were kept. So he was waiting for the opportunity to steal in that house.

Considering all aspects, Mohit planned to enter the house through the sliding window. But except for his obese body. However, Mohit, determined to steal, decided to lose weight and start stealing.

After losing weight, Mohit ate only one meal for three months. Several months ago, he learned that the members of the house were going to visit for a few days. And he started dieting to take advantage of that opportunity.

As soon as the members of the house went for a walk, Mohit appeared with his bicycle. He cut the window and melted effortlessly through it and entered the room. Mohit escaped by stealing goods worth around Rs 36 lakh including cash and jewelery.
However, even if he evaded the CCTV camera of the house, he could not evade the street camera. Police arrested Mohit after seeing CCTV footage of the street. After the arrest, Mohit himself informed the police about his fancy plan.

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