One student did not take part in the admission test of D-1 sub-unit of Chittagong University (CU). But initially his name appeared in the list of successful (pass). There is a lot of criticism about this. However, the unit officials say that such an incident has taken place due to the mistake of another student.

The D-1 sub-unit examination is held in two stages every year. Students apply through the unit for admission in the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science. In the first step, students answer 100 objective questions. Students who pass then take part in the practical test. Authorities later released the final results.

Sunday and last Saturday – two days practical test was held. A text message was sent to the candidate last Wednesday to take part in the practical test. However, the student did not take part in the practical test. The matter was announced on Sunday.

According to university sources, the D-1 sub-unit examination was held on November 5. Later on the night of November 8, the list of those who passed was published. 118 students took part in the first stage objective test. 330 people succeeded. Later 156 people took part in the practical test.

The candidate, who passed the exam without passing, told Prothom Alo that he applied for the A, D and D-1 sub-unit exams of Chittagong University. But he did not take part in the D-1 sub-unit. Even then he was sent a text message to take part in the practical test.

In this regard, the coordinator of D-1 sub-unit and Dean of the Faculty of Sociology, Professor Mustafizur Rahman Siddiqui told Prothom Alo that 492571 rolls belong to one student. Again 492582 roll of a student. The student did not take part in the test. But that student took the test. However, in the answer sheet, the student mistyped the last two numbers of the roll number and wrote 71. The computer will not be able to catch this mistake naturally. For this reason, the message has gone to that student.

Mustafizur Rahman further said that there is no chance for that student to pass. Results will be given in two-three more days. The student had to take part in the practical test after passing the first stage test. If he had come, he would have been caught in the practical test.

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