US President Joe Biden also wants to run in the 2024 election. White House spokeswoman Jane Sackie said Monday. The news agency Reuters reported this information.

Reporters questioned Air Force One’s Jane Saki about whether Biden would run in the 2024 presidential election.

In response, Jane Sackie said, “Yes, that’s his intention.”

Biden has told his close associates that he wants to run for re-election – a recent report in the media. In this context, the White House confirms that Biden intends to elect the next president.

Biden, 69, has a declining acceptance rate. His acceptance rate has dropped to about 40 percent, according to a Washington Post and ABC poll.

Some members of Biden’s Democratic Party have speculated that he may not run for president for another term. But the White House confirmed that their thinking was wrong.

Biden lost to Republican President Donald Trump and became President of the United States. He took charge on January 20 this year.

Biden is the country’s oldest presidential candidate in the 2020 election. When he completes his first term in 2024, he will be 82 years old.

Last Friday, Biden underwent a medical examination for the first time since taking office. Biden’s health was examined just before his 69th birthday. After a medical examination, doctors said Biden was able to carry out his duties as president.

Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris is rumored to be running in the 2024 presidential election. However, his acceptance has come down to 26 percent at present.

President Joe Biden has nominated Jerome Powell for a second term as chairman of the US Federal Reserve. That means Powell will be in the role for another four years. He will be responsible for managing inflation and controlling the financial system. This information has come up in a report of BBC Online.

In 2016, Jerome Powell replaced Janet Yellen as chairman of the US Federal Reserve. Trump himself made the appointment. The 8-year-old Republican has been widely praised for managing the economy during the epidemic.

Jerome Powell’s closest rival in the nomination race was Lyle Brainard. He has been the Governor of the Federal Reserve Board since 2014. The support of President Biden’s Left Progressives in the Democratic Party is on him. Because, they think, Powell has not done enough to tackle climate change and poverty. He has weakened the control of financial institutions.
Lyle Brainard has been nominated as Vice Chair.

After announcing the nomination, President Biden said, “Although there is still much to be done, we have made significant progress in the last 10 months in getting our citizens back to work and reviving our economy, proving that it is the worst recession in modern American history.” We have had to manage our activities, the economic agenda that I have followed, and the steps that the Federal Reserve has taken under Powell and Brainard to get it back on track.
Powell and Brainard will take over in February next year. However, this nomination will require the approval of the Senate.

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