In the end, Jurgen Klopp, Manchester United are bringing their guru to fight against Thomas Tuchel? Ronaldo, Rashford will be coached by German ‘coach’s guru’ Ralph Rangnik?

Many are talking about such rumors, including the famous English sports daily The Athletic, the famous Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano!

The 63-year-old German coach, however, is quite adept at coaching as well as transforming the club into an open source. At the moment he is not the coach of any club, but the head of the sports and development department of the Russian club Lokomotiv Moscow. As reported by The Athletic as well as Romano, United have come a long way in talking to him. Now the locomotive is waiting for Moscow’s clearance.

According to The Athletic, Manchester United’s contract with Rangnik is currently interim, until the end of this season. However, according to the terms of the contract, at the end of this season, Rangnik will have a big responsibility related to the ‘management of football’ of United, where Rangnik will have a big role in big decisions including buying players for the club and hiring coaches.

Rangnik started coaching at the age of 25 as he could not do much in his playing life. He has coached German clubs such as Stuttgart, Hoffenheim, Schalke and Hanover. His strategy game is more eye-catching than success. Current Liverpool coach Jর্গrgen Klopp, Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel and Bayern Munich’s Julian Naglsmann are known for their tactics, which are considered to be the forerunners of the modern age of ‘jagenpressing’ tactics.

Rangnik has been the most talked about because of his contributions to RB Leipzig. When Red Bull took over ownership of Salzburg and RB Leipzig, a brewing company, in June 2012, Rangnik was appointed football director of both clubs.

Under him, Leipzig, who rose from the fourth tier of German football to the Bundesliga in 2016, also played in the Champions League. Salzburg won the Austrian league title.

If Rangnik is appointed, the buzz around United will end! Zinedine Zidane’s name was heard for some time. The French legend has won three consecutive Champions Leagues with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. Now it is not long before rumors spread that Ronaldo will be paired with Manchester United. But Zidane himself is not keen on coaching United, according to many French and English media outlets, including the wife of the French legend and the city of Manchester.

Then there were rumors about PSG coach Mauricio Pachettino. In PSG, Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Ramos are struggling to cope with the Argentine coach, the team has not been able to organize yet. He wants to leave Messi in the middle of the season to be Ronaldo’s coach, while PSG wants to leave him and get Zidane as coach, rumors have been circulating for two or three days.

Leicester City’s Brendon Rogers, Belgium coach Roberto Martinez and many others were heard running. Man United’s plans to stay with current interim coach Michael Carrick for a few more days are also in the headlines.

But in the end, United is putting the club’s coach against the club.

The job is not new for Ronaldo. He has saved the team by scoring a number of times before, under the newly appointed former United coach Ule Gunnar Sulshar. Take the case of the Champions League this time. This time every point in this competition has come from Ronaldo’s hand.

Under him, Leipzig, who rose from the fourth tier of German football to the Bundesliga in 2016, also played in the Champions League. Salzburg won the Austrian league title.

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