The Higgs boson particle was discovered in 2012 at CERN’s LHC. A project worth thousands of crores of rupees. So there will be a fight in the world media about Higgs boson, that is normal. Peter Higgs, the British scientist who was the main promoter of the Higgs boson, then became a superstar. When the discussion in the world peaks, then there is wailing in the sky of Bengal. ‘The original proponent of the neglected Higgs boson particle’; The pages of India-Bangladesh newspapers, or the walls of online portals, were filled with headlines such as ‘Neglected Genius’, or ‘Bengalis are not fond of the world.’

The frustration of the pessimists increased in October of the following year. It has been announced that two Nobel laureates in physics have been named in 2013. Peter Higgs shared the Nobel with Franোয়াois Englert. The reason for winning the Nobel is the Higgs boson. Then there was another outcry in the media of the subcontinent. Satyen Bose or neglected; He was not credited with discovering the Higgs boson; Did not get any recognition!

Is that really so? Does Satyen Bose have anything to do with Higgs Boson, for whom he is credited?

Nowadays, all equipment, cars, rockets follow Newton’s speed. So should Newton be credited with inventing the rocket?

Suppose there is a herd of goats in a barn. They have to build two houses in the creek. There are two caretakers. One is Mr. B, the other is Mr. W. The responsibility of both of them is to build two houses and keep the goats. The two built two houses. The house that Mr. B built was called Kala Ghar. On the other hand, Mr. W. named his house Dhala Ghar.

Suppose there are two colored goats in the barn. The skin color of one group is black and that of the other group is white. The black goats were filled in the black room. And the white goats are in the white room. Thus a long time passed. At one point Mr. B and W both died.

Many days later, a gentleman came to the ditch. His name is Mr. X. He brought a black goat with him. This goat has to be put in the black room now. In other words, Kala Ghar got a new member. Now tell me, who has the credit for bringing this new goat into this house? Of Mr. B, who died a long time ago, or of the newly arrived Mr. X?

Hope everybody on this site also had a great day! Mr. B has no role in this discovery. Yet Mr. X has a contribution to make, since he built the black house for the black goat, Mr. B’s name must be added to the new goat’s name.

The same is true of the Higgs boson. Satyen Bose gave a theory, Bose-Einstein statistics. Particles that adhere to this theory have their place in the boson class. At that time another statistic was born in the hands of the Italian scientist Enrico Fermi and the British scientist Paul Dirac – Fermi-Dirac statistics. The Bose-Einstein statistics cannot explain the character and properties of particles that can be explained by these new statistics. So these particles are thrown into a row of fermion class particles. Particles of this class are particles of matter like electrons, quarks.

However, Peter Higgs and his team also calculated the character traits of particles predicted by Peter Higgs. From that it is clear that these supposed particles actually comply with Bose-Einstein statistics. That is why this particle is named Higgs boson. That is the Higgs boson relationship with Satyen Bose. It is better not to be too emotional about it.

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